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Seberg (Benedict Andrews) is an affair drama which is an interpretation of a real story. Combining the lead character's professional and personal roles, it explores her personal and relational lives.
Kristen Stewart gives a slightly contrite performance and she seems to have been once again typecast. Thankfully, the supporting cast are there with good performances to make up for the lack of personal connection with the main character. Unfortunately the excellent costume design is not enough to carry the film and will likely be overlooked.
Speaking after a screening at TIFF, the director explained the film is really a story of voyeurism; the addiction and danger of the watcher and watched. Even so, the excitement of surveillance is lost on an emotional contrived performance.

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Free full seberg video. This was the most intense, most beautiful and vulnerable interview i've ever seen. they are both such majestic yet quiet beings, in the loudest way and i could not be more drawn to them both. their energies are just so riveting and i truly believe that they are highly misunderstood. i could relate to them in so many ways and their minds are truly unbelievable.

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